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    Meet The Team

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    Diverse backgrounds and one common passion - caring for your animal family.

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    Wattle Grove Veterinary Hospital

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    Thank you for visiting! Please take your time and look around. There is much to see here and a wealth of information you can use.

  • Avian

    Birds are a passion here

    Caring for your feathered friends

    At Wattle Grove we have decades of collective experience in treating all species of birds

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  • Wildlife care

    Caring for wildlife

    Supporting the community

    For over 10 years Wattle Grove Veterinary Hospital has been providing high-quality subsidised veterinary care to wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation organisations.

  • Reptiles

    Rapt with reptiles

    We love them scaley

    The vets at Wattle Grove speak herp fluently. Regardless of species we can provide competent, experienced care for all your lizards, turtles, snakes & amphibians

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